Monday, July 10, 2017

Senita Athletics Product Review

Senita Athletics Product Review

Thanks to Senita Athletics, I have new activewear that not only works well under high performance but also holds my cellphone so I can be hands free during my workouts! A few weeks ago, Senita Athletics sent me a few products to test out. I was pretty excited since the gear I picked out all had pockets to hold my cellphone! Before I gave a review, I wanted to thoroughly try the products and get some washes in to see how the quality would be affected from the intensity of my marathon and triathlon training. Here's what I found...

Sarah Sport's Bra
Senita Athletics Product Review

I love the Bahamas print as a fun contrast to my current collection of sports bras. For your reference I'm consistently a 32B and that size fell under the "S" category. It ended up being too big for my 5'0" frame but I feel for someone who is average height or taller, the fit would be better. I switched out for an "XS" and the fit was perfect! I felt secure for 7mi+ runs and 40mi+ biking workouts without the sports bra cutting into my back. The sports bra also doesn't get wet, which is great in Arizona's heat.

About the pocket, the pocket safely held both my cellphone and case. I didn’t feel worried about my cellphone accidentally falling out and nor did it ever come close. I was never a fan of the arm bands to hold you phone, and as an alternative I would just hold my phone or awkward try to make it fit in the front of my sports bra…which didn’t usually stay put due to the lack of cleavage ha. This pocket is everything and I’m so happy I can focus on my strides instead of worrying about holding my cellphone tightly.

Senita Athletics Product Review

Ask any of my friends and they will tell you I will run in shorts whenever possible. In shorts, I ran through snow in Central Park when I lived there, and I ran in Paris in 25 degree weather. I just have always preferred it. Even for regular clothes you will rarely see me in pants. So far in 90-100+ degree weather, I’ve worn these amazing high-rise capris multiple times throughout the week with my sports bra. The fabric is much more breathable than I expected and I also don’t feel restricted. I’ve even tested them out in my reformer pilates class and felt great!

The high-rise capris make me feel comfortable with wearing a sports bra during my workouts… which I’ve never done before. There is also a snug pocket along the side. I’ve ran with my cellphone in my pocket and experienced no problems whatsoever– only improved form. Oh and "XS" was a perfect fit. I'm usually anywhere from a 0-2.

Senita Athletics Product Review

I was really excited to try these shorts but unfortunately they didn’t have my size. Senita Athletics was awesome and sent me a giftcard to use towards the shorts when they do come back in stock. These reminded me of my favorite speed shorts from Lululemon, only they’re half the cost. The fabric felt great and underneath the shorts are spandex that enable you to secure you phone. I look forward to trying out the product when it comes back in stock. Again, I'm usually a size 0-2.

Now, I have some exciting if the gear wasn't already affordable with how great the product is, I’m giving you the code “happilypink” to get 10% off any purchases made now until August 10th. Don’t wait! In the meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy my workouts– thanks again Senita Athletics!


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