Gadabout Calligraphy Cut

October 9, 2017

Gadabout Calligraphy Cut

A few weeks ago, I was invited with Gadabout to check out their newest service: Calligraphy cutting! The service has only been available in the United States for two years because the style originated in Europe. Gadabout flew in a Calligraphy cutting specialist from Germany to certify selected-house stylists. As always with any product or service I experience, I held off on posting a few weeks to see how the results differed from a cut using regular shears. The verdict: I was blown away!

As noted earlier, it has been two weeks since my cut. Normally at this point, my hair is already damaged from the exposure to chlorine from my swims and harsh wind from my runs/bike rides. Today, I can feel the ends of my hair (which were extremely damaged before the cut) and they still feel as soft as the day I had my Calligraphy cut. My shine, volume and allure are still present as well!

What is the Calligraphy Cut?
Gadabout Calligraphy Cut

As a brief background, Calligraphy cutting is this unique style and technique that took Frank Brormann, a German stylist, three years to perfect. He achieved his success by designing the perfect blade that uses two angles of precision to cut the hair: 3 degrees and 21 degrees. The diagonal cut is so precise that the result is lighter and more fluffy hair. In addition, the diagonal cut also enables greater surface area to absorb moisture and treatments– think of how a flower stem absorbs more water in a vase when cut diagonally. It is highly recommended to get a treatment like my custom Kerastase treatment.

My Calligraphy Cut Experience
Gadabout Calligraphy Cut

My hair experience began with a brief consultation with the stylist. I told him my triathlon experience severely damaged my hair and he immediately made recommendations for a customized treatment to help provide nutrition, moisture and hydration:

  • Kerastase treatment
    • Nutrition Fusio Dose plus Discipline booster

The specialist used a sensory visual for me to feel the difference between a hair cut with the Calligraphy “pen” versus shears. The ends were light and fluffy, as opposed to the shears that held stiffer ends. What I also found interesting was how you can feel each strand cut– it’s truly a sensational experience. Check out my video below that I created to cover the experience:

“We’re excited to have it in Tucson, and exclusively only in Tucson,” said Frank Westerbeke, Gadabout co-owner. “You get a New York and European salon here.”

Gadabout Calligraphy Cut

After styling my hair, I loved the final product I saw in the mirror. All of the stylists loved my soft, shiny hair but were also impressed by how it held volume. I would also like to note I’ve had bobs before, and my hair currently feel that light! While this is sponsored content, I would like you to know I would recommend the customized treatments and Calligraphy cut! The results make it worthwhile because who doesn’t want to look like they’re in a hair commercial every day??


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