Half Marathon 2 Prep

March 13, 2017

Half Marathon 2 Prep

In less than two weeks I have my second half-marathon: the Arizona Distance Classic Half-Marathon!

Am I excited? Yes!
Am I expecting to hit a new personal best (PB)? No.

I definitely have the mileage down but am not where I want to be speed-wise. After I came back from Europe in January, I was sick. In February, I was ever-so-lucky to catch a viral infection and be out for two weeks. -_- And, just when I thought I could get into training again, I messed up my back/shoulder from snowboarding and missed another week.

So, because of those conditions, I feel I won’t do as well as I did in my first half, in NYC, with the time of 1:38. Sunday I did an easy pace of 10mi and felt pretty good with my GU and Nuun Hydration as supplements. To breakdown the lactic acid, I went on a very short 10mi bike ride this morning before work, and will finish the day with light lifting. Taper week begins Sunday.

My CEP Compression sleeves have done a fantastic job with my early morning workouts and helped prevent injuries. I enjoyed using the GOMeb Razors from Skechers but can’t wait to really test my speed in them!

I am excited to compete in my first event of 2017! It’s always better to be patient with our bodies than to remain injuried/sick or worse, get a new injury. Train smart!


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