How to Achieve Your Goals

January 2, 2018

How to Achieve Your Goals

Happy 2018!!! I hope everyone celebrated a safe and happy new year! Before I write a reflection post on 2017, I wanted to first give everyone the opportunity to start off 2018 in the best way possible. How will you do this? Easy! Start seeing the world through rose-colored glasses!

For those of you who have no idea what that idiom refers to, it essentially means looking at the world with an optimistic filter. Seeing the world through rose-colored glasses can at times be reflected as someone who is naive and  unaware of the cynical world, but in my personal experience it has only helped me with losses and failures. For as long as I can remember, I have only done my best to be optimistic about a situation. I know it is important to recognize a loss and absorb that situation or moment of sadness, but you must always move on. Here are seven tips for conquering your goals with your new vision of rose-colored glasses:

 1. Don’t Give Up
Failure does happen, but it is only a true failure when you give up. If what you want and what you’re fighting for is something you truly believe in and is worth pursuing then don’t give up. Ever.
When I was in college at the University of Arizona. I was a full-time student, volunteered in my community, held internships, was on the executive board of the fashion club, worked three jobs at once and much more. It took me 4.5 years to graduate from the UA after transferring from a private school in Illinois because of my finances and desire to gain resume-worthy experience in college. I even had to take a full year off and reapply so I could afford tuition. FAFSA didn’t offer me much aid so I took out as many loans as I could get. My last semester of college I experienced a blessing. A family offered to help me pay my last semester so I could graduate. Until that point however, it was grueling and it was tough.

My college consisted of the following for 4.5 years:

  • Classes in the morning through the afternoon
  • Work one or two (out of three) jobs the same evening
  • Finish editing my broadcast journalism projects in the late hours at the J-school (journalism school) where I would finish anywhere from 3:00-5:00am
  • Sleep at a nearby friend’s house then go to 9:00am class
  • Weekends consisted of working all day Saturday and Sunday
  • Repeat

I seldom slept more than five hours. I had moments where I pondered, “Is this actually worth it?” For the few seconds I thought about quitting, I remembered the successes I had experienced by remaining persistent. With a deep breath, I jumped back onto my feet and conquered what I set my heart on. I graduated and continued to pursue more goals.

2. Be Proactive
When the going gets rough, you must be proactive. Focusing on the negative of a situation won’t get you anywhere. 

Contrary to what some believe, I experience stressful situations. I stay firm on keeping a proactive stance whether
it’s something related to the wedding, family or personal. I don’t see
any positive outcome for only looking at how bad a situation is. Most
recently, I experienced a foot injury from my marathon in December. I
was upset I couldn’t run but quickly looked at alternatives for staying in shape and keeping my endorphins up. After
evaluating my options, I realized I would need to switch my workouts to
primarily cross-training exercises. Instead of waiting for the solution to come to me I made the most of the situation myself.

3. Ask How You Can Help Others
Whether it’s having a coffee with a mentee, virtually offering advice or actively supporting a cause, find out how you can help others. Think of how an individual in your life made the effort to help propel your success.
My parents instilled a giving spirit in me and taught me to always help others when I can. In college, I realized I didn’t have finances but offered another valuable source: time.

When I moved back to Tucson from New York, I made it a goal to help my community in a new way than I did in college. I decided to become an active member of the Ronald McDonald House Charities Red Shoe Society and was elected as the vice president of Ad 2, a young-professionals marketing and advertising group. The biggest reason I joined Ad 2 was because they do a public service campaign where members of the organization come together to use their professional skills to rebrand a local nonprofit. The experience has been rewarding using my video and marketing skills, as well as working together with other young professionals to help the selected nonprofit continue to make a difference.

Along the way, I also met with current University of Arizona students who had questions about growing their own blog and brand, or even looking for advice on obtaining internships and jobs in the fashion industry. They’ll also be people who reach out to me on Instagram regarding my workouts and I provide as much detail to them as possible. I am ecstatic I can share my learning experiences with others so they could grow to be their best. Any time I see something they could benefit from, I send it over their way.

4. Have a Planner
You will be far more productive when you start writing out your schedule and goals on a daily basis. Writing your events, meetings, social time and workouts encourage a more structured life where you’re more prone to accomplish things.
If you start to notice you do the same thing every day, then maybe that’s a sign to switch up your routine and take a new hobby. Too much of a routine is bad because then you can grow bored and become complacent. With my current schedule it has both constant and changing variables. I also highly recommend setting deadlines for your goals as this will motivate you more.

My public relations job is more or less a 9-5 unless there’s a special event for a client and I almost always do my workouts in the mornings before work. For everything else I pursue, the schedule changes. Ad 2’s board meeting takes place the same time each month, but the committee meetings vary. Red Shoe Society also has different meetings and events.

5. Workout in the Morning
Working out in the morning is such a positive way to start your morning. This doesn’t need to be an intense workout but something to get your blood flowing. Encourage your brain to exercise higher productivity.
Alright, I know this sounds impossible to do before work but it is completely worth it! You don’t need to even start doing this every day, but maybe start with going to the gym three times a week before work. It may take a couple of weeks to get used to but once you’re adjusted you’ll have bountiful amounts of energy and a more positive mood. It may seem counterintuitive to receive more energy by outputting energy but I guarantee in the long run you will not regret it. I noticed working out in college was a huge reason why I was able to push through.

Today, people ask me how I have so much energy to do what I do and the answer isn’t caffeine but a morning workout. In fact, you will even decrease your caffeine intake because you will discover you don’t need it. Just do it! My friends and followers who started adopting morning workouts all agree it was worth it as well. If you need a motivator, I’m always here to cheer you on. 🙂

6. Eat Healthy
How you fuel your body makes a huge difference for how you achieve your goals.
I eat healthy overall with a few cheat meals throughout the week. When I do my regular triathlon training, I stick with a keto-diet but break the diet when I do cheat meals. You don’t need to do keto or anything like that, but you should consider minimizing your intake of processed foods. Eating fresh ingredients fuels your body differently. For me, I noticed if I eat too many cheat meals in a row then I’m sluggish and not productive. This goes back towards being proactive.

7. Express Gratitude
Whether you write your gratitude privately or share it with others, always express gratitude.
I try to write my gratitude down in my agenda but honestly, I find it more helpful to thank the Lord for my blessings. I thank Him for both the positives and also the negatives where I have room to grow. I find it most effective to express my thanks before bed or immediately when I achieve something. I also know some friends who have a gratitude journal where they record each achievement. However you decide to express your gratitude, make sure you do it. Expressing gratitude keeps a person humble and makes them realize how their hard work paid off to achieve a goal. Expressing gratitude also keeps us motivated and looking at our paths with rose-colored glasses.

These tips are all from my own experience of achieving my goals but I feel they will work for anyone. Good luck in making 2018 a great one and I hope you can look at your personal journey the same optimistic way I look at my own, happily pink.


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