Maynards Kitchen Summer 2018 Menu Preview

June 26, 2018

Maynards Kitchen Summer 2018 Menu Preview

As you probably know by now, I’m a huge fan of Maynards Market & Kitchen! You can usually see me there for board meetings with Ad 2 in their Market, or enjoying a gourmet dinner from their Kitchen. So, when they invited me to preview their new summer menu for Maynards Kitchen, I immediately jumped onboard with excitement.

One of the things I love about Maynards is how their menu currently consists of 65% local heritage ingredients with the goal to increase that to 90% by the end of next year! Aside from their own organic garden, Maynards Executive Chef Brian Smith utilizes local vendors like Barrio Bread and Top Knot Farms. Continue to scroll below for the details on my personalized menu!

Bee in the Garden
Maynards Kitchen Summer 2018 Menu Preview

Maynards distilled their own gin through the help of Three Wells Distillery Company. They crafted the “East End” gin, using botanicals that are pulled directly from Maynards’ organic garden. I definitely enjoyed the Bee in the Garden as their take on a Bees Knees.

Strawberry Beet Salad
Maynards Kitchen Summer 2018 Menu Preview

This salad is a new “favorite” for me at Maynards because I love anything with beets! The sweetness of the strawberries paired well with the creamy, feta cheese mousse. The crunch of the kohlrabi and sunflower seeds were other nice features of the colorful starter. Maynards then used their own garden basil to pull everything together.

Wheat Berry Salad
Maynards Kitchen Summer 2018 Menu Preview

Since Alex was my plus one, I was able to take advantage of trying even more food! He ended up selecting the wheat berry salad which was also served in an aesthetically pleasing array of colors. Peaches are such a summer taste to the palette and I loved its use in the salad. The bitterness of the arugula is countered with the subtle honey cues of the tajin vinaigrette.

Seared Duck
Maynards Kitchen Summer 2018 Menu Preview

Duck is definitely my go-to when I visit restaurants, which is why I was in culinary heaven when I went to Paris over a year ago and was able to indulge in duck on a regular basis! While I unfortunately won’t be able to revisit Paris anytime soon, I do love that Maynards offers a duck a l’orange entrée. The Top Knot Farms poultry dish is served with a kale salad that tossed in a duck fat vinaigrette to balance the the dish. A rich, savoriness is achieved with the orange-plum purée that accompanied the pan-seared duck.

Dessert Trio
Maynards Kitchen Summer 2018 Menu Preview

Prickly Pear White Chocolate Torte
The sweetness of this dessert finds the perfect happy-medium with the decadence of the white chocolate mousse and tanginess of the the prickly pear.
Ricotta Pie
The fluffiness of the ricotta definitely makes this a light dessert, and the pine nuts add to the buttery flavor.

Mango Chili Sorbetto
This was my favorite! Maynards brought one of my favorite chili mango candies to life in the form of a gourmet dessert. The smooth sorbetto tasted identical to that of a refreshing mango– it reminded me of the sorbet quality I had in the small town of Orvieto (Italy) where they used only homemade fruit purée to achieve their flavor. The garnish of crushed chiltepin biscuits and Mexican candy made it a top dessert.

I look forward to returning to Maynards for my favorites and also to try out some of the other dishes that caught my eye– I’m looking at you, sweet-pea risotto! Thank you again to Maynards for inviting me, well done to Chef Brian and his team. An additional congrats to Chef Brian on being named the Tucson’s Iron Chef over the weekend!!


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