Stray Dogs Giveaway

September 20, 2017

Stray Dogs Giveaway

In case you missed my top ice cream spots in Tucson post, I included Stray Dogs as one of my picks! How could you not want one of their decadent milkshakes from the photo alone?? Well, I partnered up with Stray Dogs to giveaway one $50 gift card for you and a friend to fully indulge in milkshakes, delicious burgers, pizzas, etc. There’s more good news: their patio is dog friendly which means you can bring man’s best friend with you!

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Stray Dogs Giveaway
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Need Ideas on What to Order?
Stray Dogs Giveaway

Thanks to Stray Dogs, they fed Rachel and I with a variety of delicious options. Stray Dogs takes pride in sourcing fresh ingredients and making everything as homemade as possible, whether it’s their pizza dough, or the glistening donuts that are topped on the milkshakes. Additionally, their cooking includes: hormone-free beef, no added nitrates and no preservatives. Gluten-free and vegetarians are welcomed as comfort-food options. So what did we order?

Sonoran Dog
Stray Dogs Giveaway

Sonoran Dogs are such a Tucson tradition and Stray Dogs creates one with the perfectly cooked bacon. We noticed a couple other tables were also eating the Sonoran Dogs while they watched their Sunday football game on the multiple screens in the restaurant.

Island Burger
Stray Dogs Giveaway

I would honestly recommend any burger since the beef quality was perfect and also not as greasy as some burgers can be. As noted earlier, they use hormone-free beef.

Stray Dogs Giveaway

I wanted to try two different types of pizzas so I did half “Hair of a Dog” and half “BBQ Chicken.” If I could only choose to have one, I would go with the “Hair of a Dog” type! It has your basic mozzarella, red sauce, bellpepper and then it also includes a fried egg (I loved getting pizzas with eggs in Italy!), bacon, sriracha and… wait for it… french fries! All of these ingredients combined made a great pizza. But if you prefer classic, then the “BBQ Chicken” is a satisfying option.

Loaded Shakes
Top Ice Cream Spots in Tucson
My first time eating at Stray Dogs was for their milkshakes alone. You. Will. not. Be. Disappointed. I’ve tasted all three of their signature: Churrochata, Loaded Donut and The Munchies… and any of those will deliver happiness to your tastebuds. The wait for these will be a little longer than your regular milkshake because of the freshlymade garnish. I.e.: churros for the Churrochata, a giant donut with frosting for the Loaded Donut and cinnamon donut holes for The Munchies. Also be sure to ask what their featured shake is– I loved their Strawberry Lemonade milkshake from Fourth of July.

Thank you again to Stray Dogs for the cheat-meal worthy occasion and also for partnering up with me to giveaway the $50 gift card. Good luck everyone!!


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