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Topgolf Brunch

March 5, 2019

Topgolf is stepping up it’s culinary game: Brunch. With the breathtaking views of the Santa Catalina Mountains, you can enjoy a friendly competitive round of Topgolf while choosing your pick of savory, sweet or healthy brunch menu items.

As a “City of Gastronomy” recognized by UNESCO, it is no surprise Tucson was selected as one of 10 testing doors out of the 70+ Topgolf locations. For those of you who feel the best brunch places are always downtown, you may need to head over to the northwest side of town because Topgolf’s brunch is worth experiencing.

Below are the brunch menu items Topgolf invited me to taste at their media event:


Hot Mess Waffle Fries
Topgolf Brunch

impressed me the most about these fries were two things: they
didn’t get immediately soggy and the layering was well-distributed. When
I asked the Topgolf team what prevented the waffle fries from instantly
getting soggy, their response was the waffle fries served as a better
foundation as opposed to regular fries because of the holes. These are
definitely a cheat-meal worthy brunch item to share! Smoked pork is
tossed in a spicy BBQ sauce, which consists of the housemade buffalo and
BBQ sauce, then layered with the housemade craft beer queso and a
sprinkle of three cheese blend. A sunny side egg is the perfect creation for an even tastier mess.

Kalbi Beef Bowl
Topgolf Brunch

Korean beef short-rib is marinated with sesame oil, red and green onion, and soy sauce. To ensure absolute flavor, the meat is grilled to order
then placed on kimchi fried rice. Julienned carrots and diced pickles
are the other flavors to accompany the dish, along with a sunny-side
egg. As a Korean-food lover, I would recommend asking for a drizzle of
the gochujang sauce because this particular kimchi fried rice does not
include that as a main ingredient. If you don’t like spice, then keep
the dish as it is because the flavor is still enjoyable either way.
While this dish could be shared family style, I find it delicious enough
to eat by myself!

Carnitas Benedict
Topgolf Brunch

ago I used to be a fan of traditional benedicts but now seek out something more, and the Carnitas Benedict is the
perfect alternative! A buttermilk biscuit is halved then
topped with smoked pork tossed in a tomatillo salsa. TopGolf recommends
an over-medium egg, which is then covered with tomatillo salsa, pico de
gallo and Cotijia cheese.


Everything Bagel Pizza
Topgolf Brunch

have a difficulty between choosing what was my favorite between the
Everything Bagel Pizza and the Ahi Tuna Toast. If in the mood for
something heavier, I would without a doubt go for the Everything Bagel
Pizza to share with friends as one of our brunch items! The pizza dough
is brushed with egg wash to give it that nice, golden color, then topped
with Everything seasoning. Herb Boursin cream cheese is generously spread over
the bagel, followed by the placement of the lox, fried capers,
slice radishes, fresh dill and cherry tomatoes. The
radishes are a unique substitute for the red onion ingredient most lox menu items have.

Ahi Tuna Toast
Topgolf Brunch

would recommend the Ahi Tuna Toast for those who are looking for a
healthier and lighter brunch item. Poke fans will love this toast as
well because it’s essentially just that on toast! Thinly sliced,
seven-grain bread is lightly toasted before it is spread with a
gochujang aioli that consists of a nice level of spice and savoriness
that creates an umani of flavors in one’s mouth. Tuna marinated with
Shiro Miso, a light and sweet miso flavor, is mixed with dice avocados
and juicy navel oranges. Quinoa is cooked then deep fried and used
sparingly over the toast as a light crunch.


Farmer’s Benedict
Topgolf Brunch

more restaurants recognizing the importance of offering creative
vegetarian menu items, you won’t be disappointed with the Farmer’s
Benedict. A fried zucchini cake is used as the base, then is topped with
a seared beefsteak tomato, followed by a poached egg. A savory tomato
basil sauce, or farmers sauce, smothers the stack. The sauce is simmered
with a mouth-watering herbed cheese to create a rich and creamy
consistency. Cotijia cheese is loosely sprinkled as the final


Smoothie Bowls
Topgolf Brunch

For those who always wish for a fruity and healthy breakfast item then look no further. TopGolf will serve up two different smoothie bowls which are both topped with: granola, kiwi, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, banana, slivered almonds and chia seeds. I didn’t get a taste of the Green Bowl, but the Açai bowl I would recommend splitting up with friends as a supplement to savory brunch items. The Açai Bowl includes a blend of strawberries, mango, açai, agave and almond milk.
The Green Bowl is blended with avocado, spinach, kale, mango and almond milk.


Carrot Cake Waffles
Topgolf Brunch

Carrot cake waffles are drizzled with cream cheese icing and traditional caramel. I was initially concerned the brunch item may be too sweet but the waffle base isn’t as decadent as I anticipated! The dish includes a dusting of powdered sugar and quartered strawberries.

Topgolf Brunch

Topgolf’s donut assortment includes: fruity crisp, cookies and cream and s’mores. The fruity crisp is a yeast-raised donut with a vanilla glaze and crunchy, fruity crisp cereal. Cookies and cream include a chocolate cake donut with vanilla icing topped with chocolate cookies. The s’mores donut is a white cake donut with chocolate ganache, graham crackers and brûléed marshmallows. Long-term, TopGolf may rotate the donuts seasonally.


Candy Bacon
Topgolf Brunch

This is a must; order the candy bacon and you won’t regret it! The candy bacon uses a thicker cut bacon than the bacon that accompanies burgers. Brown sugar and granulated sugar are mixed with crushed red pepper for a subtle spice. The result: caramelized bacon!

Topgolf Brunch

After seeing the photos of the new menu, my husband told me that we should switch our evenings for mornings at Topgolf. I can’t say I disagree!



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