Tucson Blogger Meetup + Maynards Spring Menu

January 29, 2018

Tucson Blogger Meetup + Maynards Spring Menu

Tucson Blogger Meetup

What’s wonderful abut being a blogger is you have the opportunity to connect with so many different individuals. When I moved back to Tucson from New York and decided to take blogging more seriously, one of my goals was to help encourage a blogger community in Tucson.

I started out by meeting some girls one-on-one for lunch or coffee so I could get to know them. I even planned a styling event with Kirsten Ortez at Kendra Scott where we partnered up with a local animal shelter.

Tucson Blogger Meetup + Maynards Spring Menu

With it being the new year, I thought it would be great to get more women involved to meet each other. Maynards Market and Kitchen was excited to partner up with me to host this event and thought it would be the perfect opportunity for the kitchen to share their new spring menu items with some of the best foodies in town!

After my wedding, I hope to plan more events with Tucson bloggers and also hope they will be inspired to plan events of their own to continue to build our local, blogger community. 

Maynards Market & Kitchen Spring Menu
Both happy hour in the market and dinner in the kitchen are incredible at Maynards Market and Kitchen. I partnered up with Maynards previously during their Guest Chef series where they flew in a chef from Italy.

Of course their new spring menu utilized items from local vendors and even their own garden!
It’s safe to say everything was thoroughly enjoyed and indulged. Unfortunately my camera’s battery died as soon as I arrived so the photos were taken from my cellphone.

Roasted Beet Salad
Roasted red beets tossed with white Sonora wheat berries and local goat feta. Topped with Market Garden mustard greens, local pistachios and a brunt lime vinaigrette.
Tucson Blogger Meetup + Maynards Spring Menu

Pan-Seared Scallops
Seared scallops on a spread of apple butter, complemented with rich date-walnut jam. Topped with Marken Garden tarragon and chiltepin compressed apple.
Tucson Blogger Meetup + Maynards Spring Menu

AZ Red Risotto
Risotto cooked with Maynards Arizona Red wine. Topped with caramelized root vegetables, pickled pearl onions and savory sage whipped-goat cheese.
Tucson Blogger Meetup + Maynards Spring Menu

Beer-Brined Chicken
Tucson’s own local Barrio Blonde brined on the chicken with a creamy semolina (essentially wheat flour) to provide the consistency of potato purée.
Tucson Blogger Meetup + Maynards Spring Menu

Veal Chop
Bourbon brined veal chop, cooked to tender perfection. Served with cauliflower purée, caramelized roasted vegetables, savory onion jam and malted Maynards Garden kale.
Tucson Blogger Meetup + Maynards Spring Menu

Dark Chocolate Whiskey Pecan Tart
Pecan filling and dark chocolate served with whiskey caramel, vanilla bean gelato and a pecan macaron.
Tucson Blogger Meetup + Maynards Spring Menu

Goat Cheese Cheesecake
Light and fluffy goat cheese garnished with tangy lemon curd, Market Garden flowers, crystallized honey thyme and fresh berries.
Tucson Blogger Meetup + Maynards Spring Menu

The happy hour drinks were all so unique and balanced each other well. Of the three cocktails I tried, I would say the Market Sangria was easily my favorite! The Whiskey Libation and Yoohoo Russian were definitely a tie.

Tucson Blogger Meetup + Maynards Spring Menu

Out of everything we tasted, I would have to say my favorites would be the Veal Chop and the Dark Chocolate Whiskey Pecan Tart. The Veal Chop, as previously mentioned, was tender and the bourbon undertones were a nice note. The accompaniment of the cauliflower purée was an excellent choice by Executive Chef Brian Smith. I would also like to note, I’m neither a huge chocolate or pecan fan, but every bite of the Dark Chocolate Whiskey Pecan Tart was incredible. The whiskey caramel was a beautiful consistency and the tart was perfectly cooked. Many times, it is easy to over and under cook a pecan tart, but this did not disappoint. The crust was easy to cut into but still maintained the filling.

Thank you again to Maynards Market and Kitchen for collaborating with me to showcase some of the Tucson girls how wonderful you are!


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