Warrior Woman Wednesday: Kelly Taylor Carton

February 2, 2017


When someone hears Cosmopolitan magazine and volunteering, they don’t usually associate the two but for Kelly, she made the jump when she realized her college dream job wasn’t quite the right fit. Meet Warrior Woman Wednesday, Kelly Taylor Carton!

Warrior Woman Wednesday: Kelly Taylor Carton

When you meet Kelly there’s a couple of things you immediately notice about her: how lovable she is, her drive, and her passion for helping others. I met Kelly while we were both students at the University of Arizona. It was her dream to work at Cosmopolitan magazine. She was an ambassador for Cosmo and became the top-selling ambassador for magazines in the entire United States! I recall she also owned this “Cosmo Bible” which she constructed using previous Cosmo magazines.

“Over the years I had a number of articles which had great take-aways, so I started filling a drawer with my favorite articles,” Kelly said. “I realized there was a better way to encapsulate them, so I started a binder.”


Kelly’s hard work paid off. She met with Donna Lagani, Cosmo’s senior vice-president / publishing director, and was shortly offered a job in advertising for her dedication. Kelly finished up her senior year as a Wildcat and flew to New York City where she achieved her dream of working at Cosmo.

However, once Kelly was in the position, she realized it wasn’t the right fit and left after six weeks. She quickly found a position with the Aol/Huffington Post Media Group and remained in advertising for a six-month contract role. After six months Kelly was invited to stay and remained for an additional two months before accepting a new position related to nonprofits and corporate volunteerism.

“I felt my positions in advertising to be unfulfilling because no one was directly benefited by my work,” Kelly said. “Also, I found myself looking forward to volunteer projects, because it was a great way to connect with others.”

Kelly is approaching her first anniversary in her current role and couldn’t feel more rewarded with the work she does. She loves knowing she makes a difference while pursuing a professional career.

Warrior Woman Wednesday: Kelly Taylor Carton
Kelly helping the blind and visually impaired ride a tandem through Central Park.

“From an early age, my grandparents instilled an enthusiasm for giving back to the San Diego Zoo,” Kelly said. “My favorite causes to support are job readiness for unemployed or underemployed individuals and spending time with senior citizens.”

Kelly is also a member of the networking groups Ivy and Young Nonprofit Professionals Network.

She is originally from San Diego and enjoys traveling back there.


Q&A with Kelly Taylor Carton

1. What motivates you to succeed? 
I’m truly fortunate to have a career which allows me to give back and help others, which makes each day meaningful. Another source of inspiration is my family support, who supports me unconditionally, which drives me to make them proud.

2. Who inspires you?

My brothers girlfriend Carolyn. Not only is she beautiful and kind, but she is also smart and ambitious. These traits paired together have led her to be successful in her career at Target. She also manages to dress well, have an active social life and maintain a healthy relationship with my brother! In my eyes, she is a true inspiration for aspiring young female professionals. She is like a sister to me!

3. Your biggest achievement? 
I’m proud of myself for bouncing back after my dream job didn’t go as planned. After months of networking, I finally landed my dream job at Cosmopolitan Magazine in NYC in May 2015. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the right fit for me. At the time, I also lived in an apartment which, let’s just say, was not accurately advertised and I could count the number of friends I had in the city on one hand. Fortunately, my family and I some great friends helped me push through and I ended up getting a new job at the Aol/Huffington Post Media group only two weeks after leaving Cosmo. I don’t regret anything about this experience because it forced me out of my comfort zone and I learned how to tackle a new challenge.

4. Goals for the future?

I hope to attend graduate school this year to further my education in the non-profit sector. I also hope to continue growing in the Corporate Social Responsibility and hope to stay in this sector. In this field, once-in-a-lifetime connections are possible because we connect corporate volunteers with New Yorkers (like students and unemployed individuals.) These groups would not likely have interacted, otherwise. To me, this is powerful.

5. What advice would you give to others? 
Maybe I’m biased because I promote volunteering for a living… but… I can’t say enough good things about giving back. Whether you walk a shelter dog, help teach a child to read, play cards with a senior citizen-whatever you like to do-It’s an enjoyable, free way to connect with others and give back. Also, volunteering is a great way to put things into perspective and avoid ruminating. To be sure, volunteers can also meet new friends, potential significant others, new folks to add to their network, the list goes on!

6. What do you do for fun? 
I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle so I love attending workout classes-tabata, barre and yoga, to name a few-along with hiking, kayaking, or even just walking around the city. Anything outdoors sounds like a good time to me! I get a good use out of my library card and enjoy reading. I also enjoy traveling- I have 6 trips booked for this year!

7. Favorite quote or Bible verse? 
“Nothing great was achieved without enthusiasm” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Warrior Woman Wednesday: Kelly Taylor Carton


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