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A Syrian Sentiment

March 1, 2019

New York Fashion Week is the opportunity to showcase creativity and eclectic styles. For my every-day-look, I tend to gravitate towards feminine whimsical or classic pieces. However for NYFW, I wanted to do something different for Rebecca Minkoff’s show. I integrated a piece of my family into the look I created: a velvet bolero with intricate embroidery.

My mother passed the bolero down to me from my great-grandfather, who migrated to the United States from Syria. In California, he met his American wife and worked as a merchant. At some point over the years, my grandfather and great-grandfather had a disagreement and never really spoke again. As a result, my grandfather decided to go by his middle name, Spencer, as opposed to his Syrian first name and the name of my great-grandfather, Najeeb.

While I may never learn about that piece of my family, I did feel a sense of pride and confidence when I wore the historical garment knowing it was a part of my great-grandfather’s Syrian culture. To me, it’s important to maintain family history and values. Our family history is what contributes to the type of person we are today. Debuting this bolero to my first NYFW attendance made the experience all the more special.



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