Lash Extensions Review: Everything You Need to Know

September 9, 2017

Lash Extensions Review: Everything You Need to Know

With my upcoming wedding in February, I started looking at options for lashes. Naturally, my lashes are nice but for wedding photos, I was looking for an extra pop. Thankfully around the same time, a Tucson lash-technician named Wendie contacted me if I would be interested in reviewing lash extensions as a sponsored service. Wendie owns her business, Lashed by Wendie, and does phenomenal work on all of her clients.

Lash Extensions Review: Everything You Need to Know

Wendie is well trained in the three different styles: glam (the fullest), hybrid (a mixture of glam and natural) and also classic (natural). Of these three, Wendie customizes the set to fit the individual’s eyes. For a little over a month, I was able to try out both the glam set for my bachelorette in Cancún and also the hybrid. For inquiries or appointments, call/text Wendie at 619-458-6464. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook to see more of her work.

Glam Lash Extensions
Lash Extensions Review: Everything You Need to Know

The glam was my initial set. The entire process took about two hours to guarantee perfection. Wendie also installs the lashes based on the individual’s eye shape. I told her in the past, I struggled with makeup artists getting the shape of my eye right. Wendie nailed both sets of lashes! The glam set will offer you the greatest curl, volume and length.

Hybrid Lash Extensions
Lash Extensions Review: Everything You Need to Know

I decided to give the hybrid set a test for my wedding to see which I preferred. The hybrid I fell in love with for every day wear! My getting-ready time was cut in half because I would do only face power and brows then be out the door. On weekends, I refrained from doing my makeup and just went around fluttering my lashes. These look natural and fantastic in photos. The two photos at the top of this post (me in the navy blazer) feature full face makeup but no eye makeup other than the lash extensions.

Lash Differences
Lash Extensions Review: Everything You Need to Know

  1. The first photo is a picture of my natural lashes with one coat of mascara. My lashes can get long and full if I layer mascara but that takes 15-20min to perfect…no joke.
  2. The second photo is the hybrid set that I currently have. These are natural looking with a splash of glam…hence the name hybrid.
  3. The third photo are the glam lashes to flutter for any special occasion! These are longer than the hybrid and fuller. I felt like Sophia Loren, or at least her lashes haha, in these.

Don’t repeat my mistakes…

Wendie gives a lash-care list and lash brush and I still made mistakes unintentionally. Within the first 24 hours of having lashes, you’re not suppose to get them wet or do exercise as the lash glue needs to completely dry. I did pretty well with the no working out part, however I messed up the next day. I went to rub my eyes in the morning, as I do each day, and completely forgot the lashes were there. It definitely loosened some of the lashes as it hadn’t even been 10hr since I had the lashes applied. As I became more aware, I took better care of the lashes.

What to you need to know…

  • While reactions are rare, they can happen. Wendie recommends trying out the lashes two weeks before a special event. This enables enough time for not only a reaction but also time for you to see if you would like longer or shorter lashes.
  • Wendie uses natural synthetic lashes, meaning her extensions are vegan approved! 
  • I love the lashes but unfortunately my Ironman training doesn’t. My swimming goggles crush the lashes, as well as my cycling glasses. After my training, however, I plan to get the lashes again. I save so much time, as mentioned before.
  • The lashes are delicate which makes them a little high maintenance. You
    will be fine during weight training, spin classes, yoga and running. 
  • It
    is important to use a small makeup brush and foam cleanser to clean the lashes daily. This will make your lash application and fills last longer. Oil buildup will breakdown the glue. 
  • Yes your eyes will be slightly red (see the image in lash difference) immediately after the lash application but they clear 15-30min later.
  • The heavier the lashes, the sooner they’ll need to be refilled.
  • Depending on how well you care for the lashes, you can expect each set of the lashes to last 2-3 weeks. After 2-3 weeks you will need to get a fill, which will cost half (or less) of the amount of the initial installation.
  • Wendie’s Cost breakdown: 
    • Classic: $100 initial, $50 fill 
    • Hybrid: $140 initial, $60 fill
    • Glam: $160 initial, $70 fill

Lash Extensions Review: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re interested in getting the lash extensions, I recommend applying to be one of Wendie’s lash babes! You get 50% off any set and all you need to do is tell her why you deserve the lashes. You can also enter a friend to share the love. <3

Overall, I love the glam but I would prefer to use them for special occasions
like my wedding. The hybrid are a dreaaam! Don’t forget to contact
Wendie– glam sets usually are over $200 and this is a great deal for the
quality of work she provides. Thank you again to Wendie for sponssoring me
with the glam set and hybrid fills!


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