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NYE with Firmin le Barbier

January 31, 2017

As many of you know, Alex and I traveled over the holidays to London and Paris. Both places were lovely but one of my favorite parts of the trip included our New Year’s Eve six-course dinner from Firmin le Barbier in Paris!

We arrived in Paris and were immediately taken away by the beauty of city. Every aspect was beautiful, from the food to simply walking the streets. While taken away with such beauty, we blanked on making NYE’s reservations. Thankfully our concierge at our hotel was extremely helpful in finding us a place to celebrate the new year. He called six places and all but one was booked, Firmin le Barbier We gladly took it since we didn’t want to be hungry leading into 2017.

Firmin le Barbier is a small, family-run bistro a minute away from the Eiffel Tower. I don’t think we would have found it on our own, but we definitely would have missed out had it not been for our concierge.

We walked in and were welcomed graciously by the hostess. We sat down and immediately she filled our glasses with complimentary champagne, which she kept full the entire evening! She even apologized if she was a minute late filling our glasses. Alex and I didn’t know too much about French food other than the well-known items and luckily the menu was preset by the chef. Our hostess politely and happily explained each dish to us in English, and always asked how each dish was.

Course 1

Sautéed snails with cottage cheese and herbs, on top with mousse of grilled toasted bread

NYE with Firmin le Barbier

Course 2

Warm oysters dressed in chardonnay and shallots

NYE with Firmin le Barbier

Course 3

Poached duck foie gras (duck liver) in mild ginger consomme

NYE with Firmin le Barbier

Course 4

Whole blue lobster with chestnuts & vanilla scented celeriac gratin

Course 5

Selection of farmed cheeses with an arugula salad

NYE with Firmin le Barbier

Course 6

Oven-baked beetroot in a sugar crust, presented with red currant and strawberry sorbet, and lemon curd. On the side espresso and biscuit.

Alex and I both agree this was easily the best meal of the trip and we were full but not stuffed. It was the perfect portions and the endless, complimentary champagne was great. I loved the menu and am grateful the hostess could email me the menu so I could write about it. Overall it was a lovely and romantic environment, quaint inside but absolutely lovely with the service and menu.

We applauded the chef then left within five minutes of the countdown to the Eiffel Tower in the chilly evening. We counted down together amongst the crowd then shared a kiss as the Eiffel Tower glittered with lights at its hourly time. We smiled at each other and acknowledged what a special moment it was to be sharing this experience together.

I could easily travel alone, but in Paris you need to share it with someone you love. While there weren’t any fireworks, it was still incredible to spend the New Year in Paris with my fiancé and enjoy quite possibly the best meal of my life.


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