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How to Empower Women

April 10, 2019

Women can accomplish incredible things when they support each other. We live in a world where you have the freedom to spread hate or love. Why wouldn’t you choose to encourage others rather than shut them down?

Here are three ways you can empower women:

1. Celebrate Her Success!
How to Empower Women

Support a woman’s goals, dreams, ambitions, anything! I’m always excited for the things my friends and families are accomplishing, but I’m also excited for strangers and influential women who are reaching new heights in their career and life. Whether it’s a bright, up and coming woman or an established and well-recognized woman who is achieving something great, I find inspiration from her.

If she’s a complete stranger, it can be something as simple as telling her you like her shoes, or how well-behaved her kids are. If you know her, acknowledge her success whether she received a new promotion, scored a pair of designer shoes for an awesome price, remodeled her bedroom, cooked something delicious, recently graduated from school, or anything else!

Bottom line:
If someone is happy, be happy for them.

2. Uplift, Don’t Put Down.
How to Empower Women

I’ve been on the receiving end of both circumstances and I have to say that I much prefer to be uplifted than put down ha ha! I know I’m not the only one either! What do you gain from putting someone down? How did you succeed by making fun of someone passively or directly? You just negatively contributed to her depression, anxiety or anything else she may be dealing with. People have so much going on in their lives that they don’t need these low-levels of pettiness.

If she’s feeling discouraged, provide some ideas on how you can inspire her to get back onto her feet. Offer words of wisdom and advice, or just listen if all she needs is empathy. Remind her to not give up during the hardships she is facing.

 3. Create a Community and Build Ideas.
How to Empower Women

Visibly seek out ways you can improve your community by connecting women with the right people. If you encounter someone who you feel would benefit from whatever services (social media, therapy, baking, home decor, skin care, etc.) it is she provides then share her business! I love being able to connect women with each other. Build ideas upon each other.

I enjoy regularly meeting with students and help strategize their future plans. I want them to experience success and avoid facing the same failures I have encountered. I enjoy doing the same with my Instagram fam who will ask me questions about fitness, blogging, travel, food and fashion.

My closest friends and I are always strategizing ways to help each other be our best selves! If something didn’t work out, we brainstorm the possible next steps to move forward. No matter what, we always believe in each other and make sure we achieve the dreams we set out to accomplish!

Just because Women’s History Month ended in March doesn’t mean we need to stop empowering women. Continuously seek out to enrich the lives of others and be a better person because there is nothing you have to lose from being kind.



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