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New Logo and Website

May 5, 2020

Happily Pink is something I’ve been working on for nearly five years! Naturally, it was time for a new logo and website. I cannot give enough thanks to Mo Calderon, a friend from college, for designing both my original and updated logo!

When I went full-time with Happily Pink in January 2019, I started thinking about a refresh for my website and logo. Although I achieved my website transformation before the end of the year, I could not figure out what I wanted with my logo. Thankfully, Mo came through and helped me turn my draft concept into a reality!

July 2015– Original Logo and Website

Before I started creating content for Happily Pink, I spent a few weeks conceptualizing my branding and defining my messaging. I created word clouds, brainstormed and strategically came up with the name. To match all of these elements, Mo designed a bright pink, whimsical logo and website for me in June 2015. The following month, I launched Happily Pink’s journey on Blogger.

For over four years, I continued to use this design and platform. It served me well and provided a great foundation. I would recommend anyone who’s exploring the idea of blogging to start with something cost-effective like Blogger.

September 2019– Updated Website

Last year, I noticed my content and style had evolved since the starting days of Happily Pink, so I decided it was time for an update. Thanks to the recommendations of Kirsten Ortez, another friend and blogger, and Mo, I successfully changed Happily Pink’s website. I sought out a modern design on Etsy and hired someone to transfer my content from Blogger to WordPress. It increased my annual website fees but it was 100% worth it.

The biggest things I wanted for my website included: search bar, ability to easily change layout design, slider on home page, and boxes for my main niches (travel and food). As you can tell from the color palette, I also shifted from a bright and saturated website to something more timeless and classic.

April 2020– Updated Logo

At the beginning of April, Mo reached out to me because she was cleaning her computer and came across logo markups she had made for me back in 2018. She asked if I wanted any of them, and I told her I loved the concept of one that inspired a random Instagram stories doodle (image below with my planner and tumbler). She made the first draft of my logo in two seconds! It was exactly the style that I wanted.

Next was finding the right pink to complement my website. Together, we navigated to find the right shade of pink and we ended up settling on the perfect shade (pink in the middle). I couldn’t believe how fast Mo created it, and I’m so grateful for her time and talents.

Why the delayed announcement?

I wanted to share the news last month but I wanted to take the time to share the process and properly show my gratitude to Mo. I didn’t want to quickly share this in an Instagram story and be done with it. It meant a lot to have her help, especially because Mo is why I started Happily Pink in the first place.

Show Mo Love:

As I mentioned, I met Mo in college during an internship with Arizona Public Media. Prior to meeting her, I had two other blogs but they failed after a year since they were only focused on fashion with a journalistic voice. I realized I wasn’t passionate enough to only pursue fashion as a topic.

One day, Mo shared with me her blog and I fell in love with everything she created. It was fun and personable content that you wanted to dive into. She shared her own personal story and that’s what made it unique. It inspired me to start a new blog that would be more meaningful to me, and so Happily Pink was created. I don’t think I would’ve started Happily Pink if it wasn’t for her as my inspiration, or her help in designing my logo and website. SO, go show Mo love on her Instagram and blog!! It’s cute and real all at the same time. She maintains this while working as a content creator and marketing specialist. Thank you for everything, Mo!

Instagram: @_MustBeMo

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