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Shangri-La Group Uses Heart in the Fight Against COVID-19

May 16, 2020

It does not surprise me that Shangri-La Group uses heart in the fight against COVID-19. During my international travels, I experienced a few different properties under the Hong-Kong based group. With each visit, I was impressed with their genuine care; they truly deliver hospitality from the heart.

Sustainability, Shangri-La’s Corporate Responsibility Programme, strives to make a better world for tomorrow. At Shangri-La, they deliver the same amount of hospitality to their communities as they do with their guests.

The hospitality industry wouldn’t exist without the core of chefs, housekeepers, maintenance, etc. Across 30 different properties, Shangri-La’s actions have made a difference: donated meals to frontline workers, donated sanitary supplies and meals to low-income households, and volunteer involvement in hospitals.

The people at Shangri-La have gone above and beyond to help the world during the pandemic. They hope to be a resource in the fight against COVID-19.

Shangri-La’s Impact

For a visual representation, I created a map to detail how Shangri-La Group uses heart in the fight against COVID-19. The impact expands from Asia to Europe. Below, is a summary of the impact.


  • Shangri-La Hotel, Wuhan continues to support the local community, essential personnel and medical staff with nourishing meals and volunteering at nearby hospitals.
  • Various properties in China have donated meals to medical professionals and frontline workers.
  • Hotels in Harbin and Shanghai donated meals to local organizations serving low-income households.

Europe and Mauritus

Hong Kong

  • All four Hong Kong hotels donated sanitary supplies and essentials to low-income community members.


  • Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta donated disinfecting supplies to local communities around the hotel.
  • Prepared meals for frontline workers.



  • Prepared meals for frontline workers.
  • Donated toiletries to patients and medical professionals.



  • Various properties in the Philippines committed to providing 20,250 meals to frontline workers during this time of need.
  • Donated 720 care packs to low-income communities.
  • Donated essential supplies, like face masks, to frontline workers.


Sri Lanka


Why I Continue to Support Shangri-La

Shangri-La Group uses heart in the fight against COVID-19, and everything else they pursue. As I previously mentioned, they believe in seeking out opportunities that better the world. Earlier this year, I shared one of their philanthropic endeavors that provided educational resources to girls in marginalized regions of Sub-Saharan Africa. I recommend staying up-to-date on their givebacks by viewing their Sustainability site.

“At Shangri-La Group, we believe there is no greater act of hospitality than embracing a stranger as our own. Whether a stranger be a guest, a member of our surrounding community, or an animal in one of our nature reserves, we hope to create a healthy, peaceful and safe home for all.” -Shangri-La Group

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