Prey Swim

March 1, 2017

Prey Swim

Two weekends ago, I escaped to California to visit my grandma and best friend (which I’ll post about soon). Despite it being 50 degrees, it was impossible for me to not go to the beach. Shout-out to my bestie, Samantha Esquivel, for the awesome photoshoot and going out to shoot in the rain! Follow her on Instagram @sandi_adventures.

Anyways, with the upcoming swimsuit season, I found this as the perfect opportunity to review Prey Swim, a luxury swimwear designed by Audrina Patridge!

Here are my thoughts:

  • The fabric is beautiful, which is expected since Prey Swim defines its brand as “luxury swimwear.”
  • The suit is well-lined, in both the top and bottom. 
  • The bandeau (Sadie in coral) provided great support and didn’t fall down like other bandeau swimsuits I’ve worn. While I can’t speak on the behalf of all sizes, I can say as a 32B the support is perfect.
  • I looooove the bottoms (Positano in coral)! They provide cheeky coverage but the cut is also extremely flattering to make sure your booty only looks its best.

Prey Swim

Happy swimsuit hunting season! Who has exciting plans for spring break or summer??


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