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Summer Checklist Featuring V8+HYDRATE

June 25, 2019

We’re officially in the first week of summer! Since I live in Tucson, our “summer” temperatures started a bit sooner so I was able to create a pool checklist. Anytime I go to the pool in the 100+ degree weather, it’s usually a process. I need to make sure I’m properly equipped with all of the must-haves. So what are they?

I make it a priority to stay hydrated at part of my healthy lifestyle.
With V8 +HYDRATE®, I receive natural electrolytes from vegetables to
quickly replenish fluids and nutrients. There’s one serving of vegetables and no sugar (which means no bloating) per drink. The Strawberry Cucumber is my go-to and you can find it at Walmart.

2. Sunscreen
While I enjoy being out in the sun, I find it important to cover up my skin with the proper protection against UV rays. I especially lather sunscreen over my face, neck and decollete to prevent sunspots on those areas. The Neutrogena sunscreen is my staple.

3. Straw Hat
To supplement my sunscreen, you will most likely see me wearing a wide-brim hat to further cover my face. I am especially fold of straw hats because they’re great for outdoor weather and heat. Pictured is a hat from Forever 21.

4. Sunglasses
The eye area is delicate and the most sensitive. I wish I took better care of this area when I was younger, but now I’m working to prevent what’s already been done by wearing sunglasses. It’s important to wear sunglasses that will specifically block the harmful rays from the sun.

5. Bold Swimsuit
What can I say, I like to make a statement! A bold-colored swimsuit is always my pick. Plus, a bright color adds to the ambiance of the sunny, blue sky. This year, I’ve been all about one pieces but I would say wear what you feel best in and rock it!

6. Straw Bag
Don’t forget to get a matching straw bag for your pool day! I prefer straw because it holds up better against dirt versus clothe totes. This particular one I found in Chichén Itzá during my bachelorette a few years ago.

7. Notepad and Pen
I absolutely love to write ideas down! I’m constantly thinking of new strategies for Happily Pink or of long-term goals.

This is a sponsored post by V8. All opinions are my own.

Summer Checklist Featuring V8+Hydrate


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