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The Phoenician Spa

July 30, 2019

Sponsored: Thank you to The Phoenician: A Luxury Collection Resort for sponsoring my spa experience.

When you overlook the view from The Phoenician: A Luxury Collection Resort, you’re granted a beautiful scene of greenery, pools, mountains and in the center– The Phoenician Spa. The Phoenician Spa is a rejuvenation sanctuary, where you rise magnificently and emerge anew.

During my stay with The Phoenician, I was invited to experience three-story spa that opened as part of the resort’s major enhancements. You can read about my entire resort experience here.

The Phoenician Spa
The Phoenician Spa


Past the large, decorative doors of The Phoenician Spa, I found myself in complete awe of the gilded spa. Inside the opulent lobby, one observes how the gold decor glimmers as the natural light fills the space and its entirety.

Shortly upon my entrance, a spa escort welcomed me with my choice of prickly pear iced tea or coconut water. It’s recommended to check-in 30 minutes before, but I arrived earlier to give myself enough time to explore. You will also want to allow yourself enough time for the tour of the 37,000-square-foot property with the spa escort.

During the tour, the spa escort even inquired of my treatments: the Body Slimming Detox and the Pure Indulgence Facial. She suggested hot-and-cold contrast hydrotherapy prior to the treatments to enhance the experience and release the toxins from the body.

While enjoying the vitality pools, a window exposed a scenic overlook of the main resort and the mountains. Around me, women kept at peace– some even adorned chilled cucumbers over their eyes.

After spending time in the steam room in the women’s locker room, I walked down the stairs to the coed Quiet Relaxation Room.

The Phoenician Spa
The Phoenician Spa
The Phoenician Spa

The Quiet Relaxation Room

The Phoenician Spa’s Quiet Relaxation Room is a darkened atmosphere that leads to 24 treatment rooms. The environment caters to releasing any tension or distractions from the mind.

While the floor above created an ethereal space with the gilded accents against the white marble, the downstairs decor features darker tones of grey and brown with a granite fire place.

Inside the Quiet Relaxation Room included light spa snacks: dried veggie and nut mixture, dark-chocolate covered coconut and soothing beverages. Aside from the prickly pear iced tea and coconut water, you will find a customized wellness-tea collection by The Art of Tea. The teas were broken down by mood or what you were seeking– e.g.: deep relaxation, healing, happiness, etc.

The Phoenician Spa
The Phoenician Spa
The Phoenician Spa


The Body Slimming Detox, a 50 minute treatment, focused on firming the body through the tools of dry brushing and the NuBody device. While exfoliating, the dry-brushing technique promoted lymphatic drainage and circulation. The goal is to enable a greater absorption of the clinically-tested slimming actives. To be honest I am a bit ticklish and was mildly worried the dry-brushing may prevent relaxation but it didn’t! In fact, I found myself relaxed by the soft brushing.

The relaxation process continued with the NuBody device and a slimming massage. The multi-active serum, with the key ingredients of ginger and caffeine, further stimulated circulation and activated lipolysis (essentially the breakdown of fats).

With this treatment I noticed there was a tingling sensation anytime the NuBody went over any of the “problem areas.” It was quite an experience! To receive the best results, my esthetician recommended mini treatments at home by using products sold at the spa, or regularly coming in for a treatment.

The Phoenician Spa

The Pure Indulgence Facial, an 80 min. rejuvenating facial, incorporated the Ancient Art of Gua Sha, a Traditional Chinese Medicine healing technique, combined with protein-dense Caviar for a visibly firm, contoured, glowing complexion. The Gua Sha, a smooth-edged jade tool, is used to graze the face to stimulate the lymphatic drainage, released toxins and improve circulation. Botanical essences nourished, replenished and fortified the skin during the process. The treatment was applied to my face, neck and décolleté.

The aftermath? Complete radiant skin. I was thoroughly impressed with how much my skin glowed after this treatment. If I lived in the valley, I would get this treatment on a regular basis because I enjoyed it that much!

The entire process was relaxing: tension released, puffiness reduced and clarity enhanced. As someone with problem skin, I found this treatment helpful. Nearly a month later, my skin still radiates. I would love to return and try out more of their treatments, but specifically the facials!

Other Amenities

With The Phoenician Spa being as spacious as it is, I would recommend spending a full day or at least six hours to truly enjoy all of the benefits and amenities. As a guest, you’re granted access to the Movement Studio and Fitness Center. Additionally, you’re welcome to enjoy the rooftop pool on the third floor where it’s an ideal place to retreat to after your treatments.

I honestly would’ve spent more time at the spa because I loved it that much. But I guess that just means that I need to come back with my girlfriends! Speaking of girlfriends– if you have plans after your spa visit then check out the Drybar studio for a blowout. I tried out Drybar when I lived in New York and they were convenient and saved time.

Thank you to The Phoenician Spa for hosting me with these incredible experiences, I will definitely be back!


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