Tucson’s Top Five Margaritas

May 6, 2017

Tucson's Top Five Margaritas
For everyone in Tucson looking
to grab a hand-crafted margarita for Cinco de Mayo weekend, look no further! I
have five local places that offer diverse margaritas: Café Poca Cosa,
Guadalajara Grill, Reforma Cocina Y Cantina, Downtown Kitchen +
Cocktails and Pasco Kitchen + Lounge.
In general, this place takes
the cake for being my favorite (if I’m being biased my parent’s restaurant is
my favorite but they don’t serve alcohol) Mexican food restaurant in Tucson. The owner, Suzana Davila, does
a phenomenal job by creating a new menu every day for her beautiful restaurant.
The pollo en mole negro and green corn tamale cake are my absolute favorites!! Their margaritas are the smoothest I’ve ever had. I recommend their classic or pomegranate! Any chance I get, I try to go here but they have special hours which are listed on their website.
Two years ago I attended Reforma’s
Cinco de Mayo event and I was in love! It took place in the beautiful St.
Phillips plaza which is right outside the restaurant. In the entire courtyard,
there were tequilas to sample from different tables so then you could order your
margarita with your pick of tequila. My two favorites: their cucumber mint and
tamarindo margaritas. This year they’re having another celebration but without
the tequila samplings. You can, however, get $6 sauza margaritas and $8 Patron
super margaritas… what’s not love about those prices??
Honestly the only reason I
ever go here is for their awesome table side salsa and strong margaritas.
Seriously the table side salsa is amaaazing! The salsa lady comes to your table when
you sit down and makes you salsa…you guessed it… at your table using fresh tomato, cilantro and jalapenos. She crafts
it to range from mild to spicy. If your table is divided on spices, she’ll
even make you two types of salsa to make everyone’s mouth and stomach happy.
For margaritas, I almost always get their glorious Bandera margarita because I
love the three different flavors stacked on top of each other to create the
Mexican flag. It’s 18oz of goodness and that’s usually all I need.
While I only recently began
dining with Downtown Kitchen + Cocktails, I have only been
impressed with their menu items. It’s scenically located off of Broadway and 6th and
provides a quaint outdoor areas. The restaurant uses culinary traditions that
Americans have brought here from their former homes across the world, as well as their take on traditional
American classics. The ceviche is delicious and well-flavored. I also would
recommend the fish tacos. The J Bar margarita is balanced and smooth. BONUS!
The Abuela Mexican Chocolate brownie with creamy horchata ice cream is to die
Get. It All. Now.
If you’re on campus or
waiting to catch a show at Centennial Hall, then you must check out Pasco. They’re
a delicious, modern restaurant. Father Kino Margarita is the way to go. The
restaurant has my favorite cocktail ingredient of cucumbers but adds their own
twist using a jalapeno agave nectar. It’s both refreshing and spicy.
The second time I ever went to Pasco, I had their nachos and from that moment
they became a must for every dining
occasion. The Oaxaca is what makes this dish irresistible.
Have a Happy Cinco de Mayo
weekend and let me know what you end up trying!!


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