Goodness New Menu Items

August 28, 2018

Goodness New Menu Items

Goodness has been on my radar for at least three years since I first discovered the restaurant as a college student. My love for Goodness originally began as a result of not being able to find healthy options on campus. Naturally I was thrilled when one of my favorite eateries invited me to taste some of their new menu items. To all of the University of Arizona kids back on campus– you need to check out the updated menu! Goodness crafted additional healthy options but also looked into how they could make veggies and lean meats indulgent.

Avo Toast
Goodness New Menu Items

I don’t care what people say about millennials who eat avocado toast– this is delicious and great for when it’s time to eat but you’re not overly hungry. When I first saw the dish, it didn’t seem like too much avocado spread on the sourdough bread but I was pleasantly surprised with not only the amount but the flavor it added to the toppings. The pickled onions with baby heirloom tomatoes tasted incredible coupled with the creamy goat cheese!

Mediterranean Bowl
Goodness New Menu Items

I was talking to the manager and chef, EJ Marx, and he said the thought process of creating the Mediterranean bowl was based off adding greater variety to the existing menu of the Asian and Mexican bowls. The hummus is def worth trying with the assortment of veggies. You can get your carbs in with the rice or substitute for quinoa. They scrapped their noodles off of their menu and as another effort to be conscious of dietary restrictions, all bowls come with the option to add-on a protein. Since making this change, Marx has noticed considerable positive feedback.

The Veg
Goodness New Menu Items

Alright this one was definitely the holy grail of the visit! The French roll was so soft and tasted fantastic with the contents of the sandwich. Butternut squash and roasted peppers are loaded onto a hummus-filled roll then topped with sautéed-garlic kale and a generous drizzle of balsamic vinegar glaze.

Marx said he crafted this sandwich with the pure intention of making it messy to eat. He envisioned French dips as something messy and fun to eat and didn’t want vegans missing out on the fun! Prior to the addition of this sandwich, the only vegan sandwich options vegans could get was the grilled cheese. However both vegans and non-vegans will be found ordering this!

Bonus! All sandwiches will now come with the option to pick from chips or the fresh salad of the day. During my tasting, I had a broccoli and corn medley.

Goodness New Menu Items

Thank you for having me Goodness! I truly enjoyed being there and can’t wait to come back– the Veg is at the top of my list.


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