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Puttin’ on the Dog Tail-a-thon

October 10, 2020

For 21 years, Puttin’ on the Dog has been one of Tucson’s biggest events, and the Humane Society of Southern Arizona’s major fundraiser. To adapt to this year, the non-profit animal shelter switched to a virtual event and created a two-day Puttin’ on the Dog Tail-a-thon Program!

From Saturday, Oct. 10 to Sunday, Oct. 11, you can virtually support the Humane Society and help them reach their goal of $100,000! Show your support through a direct donation or by participating in the online auction.

Last year, they successfully raised more than $250,000 and had between 600-700 attendees, plus furry friends. Please help and support the Humane Society in what is their biggest fundraiser of the year!

Why the Humane Society Needs Your Support

The money raised during the Tail-a-thon Program will go to support their Second Chance Medical Fund. During my most recent visit to the shelter, I met a sweetheart who benefited from this fund.

Photo Credit: Julian Ybarra

Bugsy, a 3-year-old pitbull, was saved by the Second Chance Medical Fund. The full details of heartwarming story will be featured during the program. Bugsy arrived to the shelter in a rough condition: his previous owners had never taken him to the vet; and his skin was missing fur, cracked, red and bleeding. Since then, he is now a happy and healthy furry friend that is ready for adoption!

Below are a few more adoptable pets that I saw during my visit:

Photo Credit: Julian Ybarra

Sweet Pea, a 3-month-old male border collie puppy, was brought in as a stray by a good Samaritan who found him running in the street. The Humane Society wasn’t sure if he ran away from home, so they waited a week before placing him on the adoption floor.

Puttin' on the Dog Tail-a-thon HSSAZ
Photo Credit: Julian Ybarra

Jingle, a 5-month-old grey kitten, was originally a stray. He was trapped then brought to the shelter. He is incredibly snuggly and sweet!

Humane Society Puttin on the Dog Tail-a-thon 1
Photo Credit: Julian Ybarra

Raj, 5-month-old black and white kitten, was a stray. Raj has a fun and playful personality. It’s still kitten season, so that mean the Humane Society regularly has several kittens available for adoption.

How to Show Your Support for the Puttin’ on the Dog Tail-a-thon Program

Puttin' on the Dog Tail-a-thon HSSAZ

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