R Bar Energy Partnership

June 3, 2017

R Bar Energy Partnership

I am ecstatic to tell you about my recent partnership with an amazing company based in Tucson: R Bar Energy!! I started using R Bar Energy products last summer when I stumbled across
them in my bike shop. What appealed to me was the minimum ingredients
that were used to create the product. I always read the labels of packaged food because I’m conscious as to what I put into my body.

The greatest part about R Bar Energy bars is that their bars consist of three to six different ingredients! My favorite to use on my 50mi+ bike rides is the PB&J bar which consists of: dates, roasted peanuts and raisins. That’s it! The other reason why I love using R Bars is because they don’t melt, even when I’m cycling outside for five hours in 100 degree weather!

R Bar Energy Partnership

More about R Bar Energy . . .

R Bar Energy began as a start-up company based in my sunny hometown of Tucson, Ariz. Now, you can find them distributed nationwide here. The company uses minimal but high quality ingredients from trusted sources. Since the bars have no processed ingredients, they are:

  • Sugar Free
  • Gluten Free
  • GMO Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Vegan

R Bar Energy Partnership

A few weeks ago, I took a visit down to the R Bar Energy warehouse where the products are made and processed. Their down-to-earth marketing manager, Kalena, gave me a tour as we discussed our partnership of working together. She left me fully stocked with R Bars to use on my marathon and triathlon training! I posted a series of photos and videos on my Instagram stories, so if you’re following me already then do so now @HappilyPinkBlog! Also, follow @RBarEnergy. 🙂 In the meantime, watch my visit to the warehouse below:

R Bar Energy Partnership

Again, thank you to R Bar Energy for your incredible partnership and I am so excited to continue to use and promote your delicious product while I #DoMore!


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