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How to Workout for Free during Coronavirus

March 18, 2020

Staying home doesn’t mean you have to neglect your health. I typically get my exercise through the gym, outdoors or fitness classes. However, I adjusted my routine to do my part to flatten the curve. So, let’s dive in on How to Workout for Free during Coronavirus.

Of course outdoor workouts (running, walking, cycling) are an option but I wanted to focus this post on the various apps and online resources that you can do directly inside your home or on your patio. Everything I included is complimentary for at least two weeks.

Peloton– 90 Days

Peloton is currently offering a 90-day trial for free! Until this week, I didn’t know they offered workouts beyond their spinning and running. Other things to try out: yoga, meditation, strengthening. They will remind you three days before the end of your three-month trial so you’re not billed. I am personally very excited to try out their running workouts! Also, I just signed up for their app and no credit card is required to create your account.

Barre3– 15 Days

If you’ve been following me over the last few years, then you know that I’m a huge advocate for barre3! Currently, they are offering a free trial of their online library for 15 days. As someone who has done barre3 workouts both online and in the studio, I can fully attest that you will not be disappointed. My favorite feature is that you can select a workout based off of filters like upper/lower body, cardio, intensity, props, etc.

ClassPass– 14 Days

ClassPass is one of my partners and in their free trial of 14 days, you can have access to their digital library filled with audio and video workouts. The workouts included feature the following: barre, yoga, pilates, stretching, cardio, strength and conditioning, HIIT, etc. I have only tried the fitness studio partners so I look forward to exploring their digital library.

The Bar Method– 14 Days

The Bar Method includes the same structure during every class: a warm-up, upper-body exercises, leg and seat work, and core exercises. In order to maximize results, they follow a sequence to target muscles in a specific order.

Beachbody on Demand– 14 Days

I know several people who have had fantastic results with Beachbody. Although they do having a coaching/employment opportunity, you’re not obligated to get involved at that capacity. Examples of their large digital library includes: P90X, INSANITY and 21 Day Fix.

Down Dog– thru April 1 / July 1

I actually haven’t tried Down Dog’s apps but they are on my radar for a few reasons. They offer an assortment of apps: Down Dog, Yoga for Beginners, HIIT, barre and 7-Minute Workout. If you’re a student or educator, then you have access to the app through July 1. For anyone else, you can enjoy the various programs until April 1. Browsing through the programs, you can adjust multiple filters to find the perfect workout. Their Down Dog app, dedicated to yoga, is rated 4.9 stars and has 101K ratings– so I will definitely test it out!

Barry’s Bootcamp– Free

On this list of How to Workout for Free during Coronavirus, Barry’s Bootcamp live streaming is 100% without trials. You have no idea how excited I am to try Barry’s workout classes! Over the next few weeks, tune in on Instagram for free 20 minute bodyweight workouts– no weights required. If you miss the live streaming, you can catch it on their IGTV channel.

Lululemon– Free

Lululemon typically offers community classes by partnering up with local studios. To stay true to their values, the brand is providing a variety of digital content focused on workouts, meditations and mindfulness. Get your workout through their live streaming on Instagram

Orangetheory Fitness– Free

Orangetheory Fitness is currently offering free 30 minutes workouts on their YouTube channel. No gym equipment is technically required but the program may have you use items around your house (i.e.: canned food, jars, etc.). BUT, if you have dumbbells or a medicine ball, then I would just opt for that.


Several boutique studios are offering free classes through Instagram and other social media platforms. I urge you to share what’s happening in your community. In Tucson, we have some businesses who are kindly offering their services for free through live streaming on Instagram live:

  • Session Yoga
    Session Yoga is one of my favorite vinyasa studios in Tucson! They’re kindly offering free classes to individuals who are going through challenging times and can no longer afford yoga. If this applies to you, then simply DM Session Yoga on their Instagram.
  • Sumits Yoga
    Sumits Yoga focuses on blending vinyasa, bikram and yin. On a daily basis, they’re currently sharing 60-80 minute workouts. Since these workouts are longer than some of the other classes, I would definitely recommend to have a water bottle nearby.
  • Let’s Sweat
    Let’s Sweat is known for their spin & strength workouts, but they also offer vinyasa yoga through their partnership with YOGAnnex. Currently, they are providing 30 minute strength workouts that will be live streamed or prerecorded.
  • FIT Boutique Studio
    FIT Boutique Studio is a newer studio downtown that delivers barre and cardio sculpt workouts. On their Instagram, they are keeping the community healthy by providing a 45 minute version of their cardio sculpt class on a daily basis! They recommend water and a sweat towel for this equipment-free workout.
  • Fitnessista
    Gina is always showcasing workouts since fitness and health are her main niches. She guides you through her workouts and also writes the plan so you can keep it for future use.

I hope this list can help you maintain your health physically and mentally. If you’re a local business who is streaming, please feel free to comment or email me at

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